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Archive for January, 2007


Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Yes! We have SNOW! Spike is out and happily ruling the sleigh trail! We thought for a moment there he might just pack up and take off for a colder climate, but the big guy stuck it out and now we have enough snow to run our sleigh! He’s one happy horse!

Speaking of happy things, New Year’s here at the inn was a festive and delicious night. Chef Joe was at his finest and we were fortunate to be joined by so many of our old friends who, despite the lack of snow at the time, came to visit with us anyway. We do want to thank our guests for making New Year’s special for everyone here at the Darby.

If you’re thinking of something romantic to do for Valentine’s Day thing SLEIGH RIDE. Experience tells us that romanance blossoms when a couple is snuggled together on a moonlit sleigh ride! Bring along some roses for your sweetie and your sure to have a Valentine’s Day to remember! If you want we can even arrange to have the rose ready and waiting when you get back. You don’t have to be a guest at the inn to arrange a romantic sleigh ride. You can give us a call to reserve a sleigh and dinner package and we’ll do the rest!

Stay warm and we hope to see you soon!


Monday, January 1st, 2007

It’s a chilly day to be a bird here at the Darby Field Inn that’s for sure! Today brings us little snow but lots of beautiful ice dripping from the evergreens. We have about four inches of snow or so on the ground, but sadly that is not enough to break out the sleigh just yet. It will however make for some stunning photography for those shutterbugs out there.

Today is January 1, 2007. New Year’s Day. All the weekend guests have left and we have a few moments to sit and reflect on our hopes and dreams for the new year. Not just for our business, but also for each of us individually. What are our aspirations? What lofty resolutions will we set (and okay…most likely break…)? Some of us would like to do more Yoga and become healthier. Others will need our help quitting that smoking habit or losing a few pounds.
What is important to remember about our resolutions is that it is not in success that we will find fullfillment, but rather in the attempt. Every time we attempt to better ourselves in any way, shape or fashion, we cannot help but grow and learn. What more can we ask from any year than to expand the horizons of our bodies, minds and souls?
Ah, enough resolution talk.
This weekend brought many friends old and new to our inn. The fire burned bright, Hadley (a canine legend here at The Darby) popped by for a visit and enjoyed the Patriot’s game with our guests, and we kept the homefires burning in our fieldstone fireplace in the living room. All in all a cozy, comfortable and pleasant New Year’s weekend for all.
Here’s wishing all of you, wherever you are, the happiest of all new years and we do hope that you will come and enjoy this beautiful home with us during the coming year.
Very Truly Yours,
Marc Donaldson, Innkeeper
(and staff!)

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