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Archive for March, 2007

Farewell, For Now…

Saturday, March 31st, 2007
Does This Really Mean Goodbye?

We all know how hard it can be to say goodbye. We’ve had to bid farewell twice in the past couple of weeks, and only one of them stuck, although not the one we were hoping for… Erika, who has brightened the Inn with her sarcastic wit and impeccable service for over four years, will be relocating to Southern Massachusetts with her family. She will be sorely missed, but we are confident she will stay in touch, and perhaps even moonlight for us on special occasions when her expertise is needed…Good Luck, Erika, We Miss You Already!!

Did Winter forget to check the calendar? We thought we had said goodbye, yet Mother Nature decided to play a late April Fool’s joke on us. We woke up to snow on the ground, with more expected today and tonight…up to a foot of the white stuff! We’re hoping it will melt over the next few days, so we can enjoy our Spring Vacation (Darby Field is closed April 9th-19th). I’ll be content if we can at least get through mud season quickly…I’m ready to hit the hiking trails! The Inn is open on weekends only (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in April, except for April 13th-15th. Don’t forget to check our web site for our last minute specials during April. They will definately encourage you to “spring” up here (you knew I’d have to do at least once) for a weekend away! I hope Mother Nature is being kinder to those of you in other areas! Until next time, Happy Spring?!

Spring is on the Way!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Changing of the Seasons:
Helllloooo MUD!

We are celebrating the end of another season here at the Darby. The last two sleigh rides went out on Thursday, March 22nd…the first full day of spring, coincidentally. The Smiths, of Rochester, New Hampshire, were celebrating an anniversary here at the Darby with the dinner and sleigh ride package (purchased for them by their adult children…) and the Savages were staying here at the Inn, from Merrimack, New Hampshire.
The end of snow officially begins an often dreaded season, mud season! While some people play in it, and the flowers live for it, we use it as an excuse to reflect on the past season, take a deep breath, and prepare for the next one. Kim, Beth and Spike are taking a well-deserved rest before carriage rides start up (keep an eye out for new carriage offerings later this spring…), Marc and Maria (the innkeepers) are taking a little vacation, and Faye is getting ready to work her magic in our award-winning gardens, again. We’ll be following her progress this year, so keep checking back to watch our flowers (and vegetables) grow. I’ll also be passing on gardening hints I pick up while helping her out, here and there. Just a reminder:

Darby Field will be closed from April 9th to April 19th, and then open weekends only ’til the 29th.
We still have some great specials going on, so keep an eye on the Last Minute Special page on our website. Do you want to be a spring bride? We’ve created a new page for elopements and intimate ceremonies that is worth a look. Golfers, please note our new midweek golf special, and for those who just love a great deal, our Spring is in the Air package is for you! Until next time, Enjoy Spring and watch out for the Mud!

(Our last sleigh rides: Top: Kim & Spike,
Middle: Winston & Monique Savage,
Bottom: Harry & Ginny Smith)

"Old" Friends & New Acquaintances

Friday, March 16th, 2007
Happy Birthday, Erik!
Some of our favorite guests showed up this past weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday - the big 5-0! The Forsbergs (Jane & Bob) and Scanlons (Deb & Erik) have been visiting us annually for about ten years. We are always happy to see them - they are warm and wonderful folks - and we were very pleased to be included in the birthday fun! We all assured Erik he doesn’t look a day over 39…just look at this picture, do any of these folks seem over-the-hill?! As always, we were sorry to see them go, but look forward to their next visit!
The Squirrel Who Came to Stay…
Coincidentally, last weekend was also the first we saw of our new friend, a red squirrel, affectionately named Ivan Squirrelowski, who is now a regular under the bird feeder. He is hilarious to watch, whether stuffing as much birdseed as possible into his mouth, or defending his spot from grey squirrels, birds, other red squirrels and one man with a shovel! The birds (and some guests)find him to be a bit of a nuisance, but it’s all harmless fun since there is a squirrel guard on the bird feeder. We don’t know how long he’ll stay once other food sources become available, so we’ll just enjoy him while we can!

White Mountain Wedding

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
Congratulations, Kim and Charlie!

Another aspect of life here at the Inn, are the events that do not require you to step outside our doors. Our suites seem to provide such a romantic environment that we sometimes don’t see guests after check in ’til check out (we won’t tell…). Many people get engaged here, whether in public (carriage/sleigh rides, dinner, in front of the fireplace…), or in private. Sometimes we are actively involved (supplying ambiance, champagne, special desserts…) and sometimes we only hear about it afterwards. There are at least twenty engagements that take place here per year, that we know of. It is always special when we get to see our friends follow through with the wedding, as Kim and Charlie did last Thursday evening.

Joined by their best friends, Rick and Gena, they stood before Marc (our Innkeeper, also a Justice of the Peace) and exchanged vows in front of a roaring fire, as the sun set behind the mountains. You couldn’t ask for better special effects! Since Rick and Charlie are old-school pranksters, there were some jokes during and after the ceremony, all of which were taken in stride by Kim (she is so easy-going!). After the ceremony, everyone relaxed for a few in the tavern, then were seated in the dining room for their wedding meal.

If you have been thinking about either eloping or having a more intimate wedding, click here to see the different options we have here at the Inn ( http://www.darbyfield.com/weddings.htm ).If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call, we’re always open to new ideas.

Thanks again for sharing, Charlie & Kim! Best of Luck to you both, and send us a postcard from the honeymoon!

Experience the Best Mix of Winter and Spring Weather!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

More News From the Darby Field Inn…

Greetings To All!

Just wanted to let everyone know winter is far from over. Conditions are optimal for every kind of outdoor winter sport you can name: Skiing, Sledding, Snowshoeing,and Snowmobiling. There are several reasons why now is the time to visit the Mount Washington Valley…

1) Snow, Beautiful Snow! The last couple of snow storms have left us with over two feet of wonderful snow, perfect for sports, playing, or “making” new friends (just ask Alisha Rose, Kim & Friends…)! Happy Birthday Alisha!!

2) You Can Stay Out Late(r)! No five o’ clock shadows here! Play all day…about the time you’re ready for dinner (6pm), you can still catch the sunset from our dining room.

3) Who Turned The Heat Up? Temperatures have been ideal. Just cold enough the snow doesn’t melt, just warm enough you can enjoy the sun on your face without 20lbs of clothes! Who says March enters like a Lion? We’re all outside, taking advantage of some “wooly” great weather!

Here at the Darby, our snowshoe and cross country ski trails are groomed and ready to go! Bring your own equipment and use them for FREE! New to these sports? $5.00 a day will buy you the use of Inn snowshoes and/or skis all day long - maybe you’ll find a new reason to love winter! We’ve got almost 10km of trails, so make sure and take advantage of our Full Country Breakfast so you have enough fuel to make it through the day! Check out our website (www.darbyfield.com) for our most recent last minute special. We change it every couple of weeks, giving you yet another reason to plan a spur of the moment getaway. Hope to see you soon!

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