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Chill in The Air!

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Winter’s chill is in the air (Winter 2005 to the left!). A quick glance at Mount Washington’s snow-covered peaks will let you know that snow is on it’s way to the valley. So far there have only been a few squalls here and there in the valley region, but it’s enough to stir the blood for those of us chomping at the bit for a sleigh ride!

Taking a look around the valley there is plenty to do in the winter. Of course everyone knows that skiing and snowboarding are always popular winter pursuits here in the mountains, but not all of us have the skill required to survive a zesty downhill run. Yours truly could only hope that whoever is behind me on the slopes is a medic! For those of us who don’t ski or board there are plenty of other opportunities for winter fun.

Snowmobiling is an exciting way to enjoy winter. Locally there are many places with clearly marked trails and beginner instruction. Some places offer self-guided trails and others with more complicated trails offer guided excursions. It’s a great way to see the wonders of winter.

Another wildly fun and low to no expertise way to get a winter rush is Tubing. Picture yourself flying down a groomed hill in a big rubber tube with the cold air rushing your cheeks! It’s like being a kid all over again!

If the stillness of the winter woods draws you in then snowshoeing and cross country skiing might just be for you. The hush of snow laden fields surrounds you and above you is that very special crystal blue sky that comes with winter in New England.

Of course there is one pastime that has and will continue to amuse snow bunnies of every era or skill level…snowman building. There is just something about rolling a huge snowball and then another one and then another one and putting it all together with a corn cob pipe and button nose that brings out the kid in all of us. Here at the Darby Field we have plenty of open spaces for you to bring your snowman to life!

Don’t forget to enjoy the sound of sleigh bells and cuddle up in a warm blanket on a sleigh ride while you’re staying with us!

Finish your snow fun off with a dinner in our spectacular dining room!

Hope to see you soon!

Winter’s Joys

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Winter peeks her head over the tops of the mountains right about now. Mount Washington, at its peak, glitters with fresh coat of snow almost daily. The Winter People are gassing up the sleds, polishing the skis and digging out the mittens. There are snowmen out there just waiting to be born into the winter wonderland that is The Mount Washington Valley in this cold season. A few flurries now and then tease us with just a taste of winter’s frosting, but like all good natives, we close our eyes and hope that tomorrow brings more.

It’s amazing how much people can miss here in The Whites if they fall into the “I don’t ski” trap. Winter isn’t just for daredevils and kids around here. There are joys of the season for all. You can see that joy just starting to twinkle in Spike’s eyes as the cold air hits his nose and puts a spring in his mighty step.

So who, you ask, is Spike? If you’ve ever had a sleigh ride here at The Darby or taken a summer stroll up the hill, you have most likely met our local celebrity horse. Spike is a huge Belgian with amazing strength and an even more amazing personality. I guess Spike is what you’d call a “people horse”. He loves the snow, the people and being able to show off his incredible strength and agility.

Aelwen and Oonaugh are two eight year old Welsh Cobbs currently aiming for the premiere spot in the sleigh ride arena. Having only reached working maturity last year, the young-uns have a lot to learn from master Spike before he’ll resign his near royal status as Sleigh Horse. They are working hard and learning fast though. These girls are tough and strong and they like to prove it.

Come enjoy a sleigh ride at the Darby and meet these amazing animals. Snuggle under a toasty blanket and let Kim and his brilliant team show you that New England winter is more than ski slopes and ice. It’s a postcard beautiful world glittering in the moonlight as gentle flakes kiss rosy cheeks and the boughs of pines bend gracefully with the weight of a million diamonds of snow.

Now that is winter.


Friday, October 13th, 2006

The foliage is fading, but the view will still take your breath away! The mountain sides are alive with crimson and gold. There’s a crisp nip to the air letting the natives know to polish up those snow boots and dig out the warm woolies. We’ve been fortunate the past few days to have bright sunshine and seasonable temps during the day and also have it just chilly enough outside at night to make you want to take advantage of that fireplace in our common room.

The Amazing White Birch

Friday, October 13th, 2006

The Amazing White Birch

Wow. If you think there’s nothing much to look at nature- wise in New Hampshire after the foliage is gone, you need to explore the potential in the amazing White Birch.

The White Birch is a rarity in that it photographs better without it leaves than with them. The long, slender trunk sways in the wind as it’s many sparkling branches reach out as if pointing toward the winter sun. Coupled with the rich blues of the sky, the image summons in the colder weather and the glorious snow.

The birch, in the spirit of all things traditional New England is as practical as it is beautiful. The Algonquian Native Americans made good use of this natural beauty. From it’s bark came rattles, torches, moose calls, wigwams, canoes and many types of containers. Bark cut-outs or stencils were used to decorate. The bark also served as a type of paper for the native peoples. Birch bark makes wonderful tinder for campfires. The birch even had the amazing ability to save the natives from famine as it’s bark can be boiled and eaten as food.

Come visit and explore the photographic potential of this New England wonder. We’d love to meet you!

Foliage 10/5/06

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Good Morning!
Wow! The colors are just unbelievable! All the leaf peepers are in town and there is much excitement all over the village. Take a ride on the Conway Scenic Rail for a real local taste of the foliage. Don’t forget we have lots of packages to make things easy for you!
Hope to see you soon!

How to Explore Mount Washington

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

How to explore Mount Washington

Fall/Winter 2006

The Mount Washington Auto Road
The hours for the auto road are varied during the fall season. Generally the auto road is open until 4PM until the end of October, but be aware that the weather on the mountain is not the weather you see here. It’s about 30 degrees colder on the summit than it is here. In August of 2006 there was snow on the mountain! We recommend that you call ahead to
603-466-3988 to make sure that the drive you have planned is going to happen. Remember the roads are narrow in spots and if the staff at the Auto Road says the drive is not a good idea for that day please understand it’s because we want our area guests to remain safe. The further up the mountain you get the colder it gets. Ice can make the auto road treacherous. Call first to ensure your plans will go off without a hitch!
Take Route 16 North past the junction of 16A & B.
Keep following 16 North and you will come to the Auto Road.
Estimated travel time is about 1 hour.

Auto Road Snow Coach Tours
Visit the world above the treeline this winter aboard the Snow Coach! Look down on the 5,500 acre Great Gulf Wilderness area and over the majestic peaks of the Northern Presidential Range!
For ticket information call 603-466-2333.
The Snow Coach operates out of the Auto Road location.

The Cog Railway
The drive over to Bretton Woods is a good hour from here, but the Cog is well worth it!
The Cog operates year round for both skiers and non-skiers to enjoy the mountain.
It’s a 3 hour round trip to the summit. After October 30th the train goes to Waumbek Platform and not to the summit.
The trip to Waumbek Platform is 1 hour roundtrip.
Call 603-278-5404 for reservations and more information.
Take Route 16 to 302 West to Bretton Woods.

Winter Hiking on Mount Washington
Winter hiking on the mountain is not recommended unless you are a VERY experienced hiker and have an experienced guide with you. The hike can take up to 15 hours and temperatures can vary as much as 30 degrees. We recommend Boulder Loop (snowshoes may be required), Tuckerman Ravine Trail is about 2 miles and is okay for the inexperienced hiker. Please make sure you are properly dressed. Snow, ice and weather conditions change rapidly here in the winter.
Be properly prepared and leave us your hiking plans and emergency contact numbers.

Monday, September 18th, 2006

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