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Darby Field Inn Then
  About Darby Field Inn - Then and Now

Welcome to the Darby Field Inn.

Stay with us and become part of the living history that is this house and its grounds. Our story begins in 1826 when Samuel and Polly Chase Littlefield moved here to begin their lives together. The photo above is believed to have been taken in the late 1890s.

Guests have been the tradition of what is now known as the Darby Field Inn for over 150 years. Samuel and Polly's son Samuel Jr. and his wife Laura Shackford continued working the 430-acre family farm supplementing their income by renting rooms to guests during the summer. People who visited then enjoyed the same things they do today - fresh air, mountain views, clean water, and delicious home cooked meals. Memories of Laura's homemade cheese and Sam sitting by the living room hearth are still cherished today in the archives of the Darby Field Inn. Hard work and good humor carried the Littlefield's through the four seasons.

Samuel Littlefield, Jr. died in the 1930s. Farming had become an uncertain occupation so the Littlefield heirs sold the farm to Abraham Covin, a Boston florist. Covin transformed the buildings into an artist colony for a time, and a children's camp for a season or two. By the late 1940s he turned it into a an inn called Bald Hill Lodge. Since the road was not maintained in winter, for years the lodge was only open during the summer. The original farmhouse became the living room section of the inn. The outdated barn and blacksmith shop came down, and the kitchen was built in their place. The Covins added the pool, landscaping, and a ski lift for their guests.

Bald Hill Lodge was sold in the late 1960s to the first in a succession of owners. The name was changed in the early 1970s by one owner to Darby Field Inn, memorializing the first recorded European to climb Mount Washington.

In 1979, your innkeepers Marc and Maria Donaldson, purchased the inn and moved in with their two year old son Jeremiah and six month old daughter Heather. Marc had spent several years working in the restaurant business traveling extensively for work. It was in Caracas Venezuela where he met and married Maria, a native of Spain working as a journalist for radio, television, and magazines. Owning an inn was their dream. They purchased the Darby Field Inn, the first inn they looked at, on May 2, 1979.

They have had the pleasure of owning the Inn for 33 years and hope each guest enjoys its treasures as much as they still do. Take the time to explore some of the favorite spots here at the inn... the huge fireplace in the living room, the mountain-view patio, the sunroom tavern, the outdoor heated pool, and award-winning gardens.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy... we're glad you are here.

There are several photos of the Littlefield's and the original farm located throughout the Inn. Take a minute to browse through the photo albums located in our library to find more pictures and mementos of people and places from the past.  

Darby Field Letter
Take a moment to read a letter written by Darby Field on 17 August 2022 after he reached the summit of what he called "Mount Swan", known today as
Mt. Washington. The original letter was brought to Marc one day by a descendant of Esekidl.

Darby Field Letter

Click to read Darby Field Letter

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