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New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

They'll keep you bed comfortable within and guide your ventures out. Wander dirt roads to arrive at an abandoned farm, meadow and apple tree still intact; or discover a wooded path and a stone wall built with strong hands and forgotten years ago... add your presence and sense of discovery to those hands and all the Hampshirites over the years.

And as the bright day dims to twilight, retire to the comfort of your inn to prepare for an elegant evening featuring a delectable candlelight dinner. A stay here will immerse you in a landscape of mountains, lakes, leafy and sun-dappled paths, and quaint villages complete with country stores selling everything from matches and tea kettles to local art and homemade soup. All this in the shadow of wood-framed New Hampshire bed and breakfast.

The nice New Hampshire bed and breakfast places are in North Conway. One of our country's 13 original colonies, NH plays an integral part of the nation's history. Founded in 1638 by John Wheelwright and officially becoming a state more than 100 years later on 21 June 1788, this land truly is 'new' as its tradition of hospitality borrows all the best of England and improves upon it.

Warm and inviting New Hampshire bed and breakfast just as the wood burning fire. With several packages to choose from, a perfect fit in the amount of amenities and events await the lucky visitor. Check in to a New Hampshire bed and breakfast and you're no longer a visitor, you're part of it all. You'll be greeted and welcomed by people whose ancestor's originally settled here and helped make the region what it is now. The sweet times are ahead.

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